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UV Laser Marking Machine (For Industry Use)

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UV Laser Marking Machine (For Industry Use) LASER MARKING MACHINES

Laser marking systems are versatile which uses laser beam to mark permanently on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep substance through the evaporation of the surface material, so as to engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks and text. According to laser source type classification,they have 3 types of laser marking machine : Fiber Laser Marking Machine, C02 Laser Marking Machine and UV Laser Marking Machine for depenting on the target materials and purpose on.

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UV Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine
The UV-P100 has a brand-new design, exquisite workmanship and high-end configuration. The quality and stability are bumpy, zero consumables, high efficiency, fine and beautiful marking effect. It is a daily chemical, beverage, cable, pipe, glass, sugar and tobacco industry The preferred marking equipment for accessories and other industries.

Laser Band 355 nm
Pulse Width Index Less Than 16ns/30KHZ
Laser Type Pulsed UV Solid Laser
Output Mode TEMoo
Spot Diameter 1.6+/-0.2mm /1.8+/-0.2mm
Repetition frequency 20KHZ—100KHZ
Effective focal length 160mm 75mm-360mm

Overall Weight About 45 kg
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Power Consumption 1200W
Body Size 930mm x 230mm x 275mm
Maximum Marking Speed 13000 mm/s
Communication Connection Number RS232, NETWORL PORT, USB, SD Card
Number of Marking Lines Arbitrarily set the number of lines in the effective marking format.
Marking Content text, graphics, barcode, real-time clock, automatic serial number, batch number and other customized content.
User Interface Standard Industrial Computer
Ambient Temperature 00C-450C without icing and condensation
Ambient Humidity 35-85%RH without icing or condensation
Power Supply Single Phase, 220V; 1KVA 50-60Hz

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75, Jalan SME 3, Kawasan Perindustrian SME, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.
+607-660 8318
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